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The mission of the Faculty of Art and Design is to educate creative, productive and socially conscious students. The Faculty incorporates the Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, the Department of Graphic Design, the Department of Interior Design (Turkish/English), the Department of Communication Design, the Department of Music, Radio, Television and Cinema, the Department of Stage and Performing Arts, and the Department of Textile and Fashion Design. The Faculty offers elective courses designed to motivate students to pursue interdisciplinary studies and has double major and minor programs to increase their career opportunities. In addition, as part of the Erasmus student exchange program, our students can choose among partner universities to receive higher education and to do internships abroad.

The innovative vision of our Faculty, its cooperation with the business and art worlds, practical work during courses guide our students to discover their potentials and plan their future careers. In this regard, education in our Faculty has been restructured with an understanding based on critical thinking and research that promotes creativity.

The definition of art and design has been continuously renewed due to social and technological developments. Globalization, the proliferation of information and communication technologies, complicated products and services, increases in competition and the diversification of lifestyles have also extended the study areas of art and design. The curriculum takes into account developments in the world, and our courses’ content has been designed to adapt these changes.

Today, design is associated with creativity and innovation. Creative thinking is considered a way of providing specific solutions to problems for a sustainable world. Innovative approaches transform into new products, services and business models. It is particularly important to adopt an innovative educational perspective to give students access to the new opportunities that technological developments entail.

Art and design is not only a field of study, but also a lifestyle. Our main objective is to establish a field area for students to experience this lifestyle through our workshops and studios, technical equipment, academic staff, and our visiting members from the business and art worlds.

I hope their university years to bring happiness and success to all our students as one of the most important and productive times of their lives.




Music Department - Fall Term Concert

Music Department - Fall Term Concert   ...