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Textile and Fashion Design

The Department of Textile and Fashion Design within the body of the Faculty of Art and Design started to give education in 2013-2014. The aim of the department is to develop the students’ skills and creative abilities within the framework of textile and fashion design and train artists and designers fit for the requirements of the sector who are equipped with technical skills and ethical values, and with aesthetic modern information integrated with the concepts of culture, art and technology. The department pursues this aim by providing the students with unique facilities and opportunities.

The students of the department not only receive training on design during the four-year training period but also have the opportunity to put the theoretical information into practice during their education. We help the students gain experience by enabling them to take place in projects for a lot of artistic activities and for the sector in Turkey and the world. To meet this aim, the students are involved in projects and experiments with the guidance of the prominent and experienced academic staff  as well as with the designers and industrialists who have work experience both in Turkey and abroad. Nisantasi University aims to train designers capable of having a say in the national and international textile and fashion sector, who can follow the recent trends of the sector and who are  equipped with sufficient intellectual background in the field of art and design.

The graduates of the Department of Textile and Fashion Design can work as a fashion designer, hem designer, zcostume designer, manager, fibre producer and costume producer; they can also be responsible for the sales and marketing of the textile firms or work freelance. Doing postgraduate studies are another option for them. We organize student exchange programs with the institutions that are part of the Erasmus program in our faculty; thus we help our students improve themselves as modern art designers through every level of their education by presenting them to the world and the world to them. The students, at their discretion, can apply to the double major, second undergraduate and/or certificate programs of the other departments that receive students through special talent tests.

In the four-year training program of the Department of Textile and Fashion Design, the courses are given in theoretical and practical forms. The courses in the 1st year are Basic Art Training, Basic Fabric Training, Training on Fabric Structure, Pattern, Aesthetics, Basic Sewing Techniques, Communication Technologies, Introduction to Textile and Fashion Design, Culture and electives. There are compulsory courses in the 2nd year such as Textile and Fashion Design (Fabric / Costume / Hem), Fashion Illustration, Introduction to Computerized Design, Drape, Computer-Assisted Design and Fabric Structure; besides, there are several courses on culture and textile handicrafts. In the 3rd year, the students choose one of the following branches to specialize; Texture Design, Hem Design and Costume Design. Also, they receive electives from other fields. The academic staff and lecturers help the students make this choice, depending on their courses and their grades in the first two years.

Moreover, the courses such as Computer-Assisted Design, Presentation Techniques and Portfolio Preparation, are taught as well as several courses on art and culture, and elective courses in their field. The fourth-year students are supposed to complete all the compulsory and electives as well as their internship so that they can carry out the diploma project. They start carrying out their project in one of the fields after they start to specialize in Texture Design, Hem Design or Costume Design. They take the compulsory and electives according to their field of specialization as well as courses on art and culture, Research Methods and Computer-Assisted Design. Their diploma project is supposed to reveal their unique and and creative ideas as a becoming artist in their field. The students grduate from their departments when they complete their course credits and present and defend their project before the jury successfully. The student who graduates from the department can start working in the textile industry or work freelance as a candidate to be an artistic designer.

Click here for the eight-semester curriculum of the Department of Textile and Fashion Design.
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