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Communication Design

Communication design is an interdisciplinary field that tries to produce solutions to communicative problems largely by using a visual language. In the Department of Communication Design, theory and practice are taught through different courses that require specialization such as graphic design, cinema and communication. The syllabus of the department includes the courses on image and sound design, writing, content and interactivity. As a department, our aim is to train students with a strong theoretical background as well as practical training so that they can develop mastery of design and have an ability to follow the technological developments closely.

Our graduates are entitled to work as designers in media organizations and advertisement agents. They also have the chance to work freelance. The graduates can also start doing postgraduate studies if they want to have a career in academia.

Communication Design is a four-year undergraduate program giving an education on the principles of theory, practice and design. The program is offering courses on communicative theory and the production of computer-assisted as well as traditional piece of works. The syllabus of the department includes courses such as Design, Visual Communication, Typography, Illustration, Animation, Photograph, Computer-Assisted Design, Image and Sound Editing, Introduction to Communicative Sciences and Mass Communication Theories as well as electives addressing the needs of arts and design.

The Department of Communication Design has PC and MAC laboratories for computer-assisted courses, a studio for the courses of editing and photograph, and also design workshops where students can put their creative ideas into practice.

Click here for the eight-semester curriculum of the Department of Communication Design.
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