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Interior Design

The purpose of the department is to train well-informed and productive individuals who have self-confidence in their field and who have a universal perspective and knowledge about the market. The students improve themselves and get ready for their profession with the studies like drawings, models, vocational productions and participation in competitions during the eight semesters of their education until the graduation. We have a learning context in which every student can express and improve themselves in the field of interior architecture in relation to their own skills and preferences.

The students can improve personal and/or institutional relations for employment after graduation through their internships, their educational activities and active participations in different learning contexts throughout their education. Interior architecture is one of the fields offering a wide range of employment facilities. The graduates are employed as a controller, counsellor and site supervisor by the offices of architecture and interior architecture, by the construction departments of the firms in public and private sectors, by the marketing departments of the construction-based firms, by the furniture firms engaged in mass or coupon production, by the companies selling imported furniture and interior architecture products, by the companies producing or selling kitchen and bath products.

Courses of the department are largely practical and encourage students’ participation in the courses. Our academic team is made up of prominent academic staff, lecturers and scholars who are successful in their profession and also producing work for the sector. Extra-school activities and workshops are an important part of our training program. There are many technical and artistic courses in the training program of internal architecture. While giving technical training on architecture, artistic education is also given to students for the balanced application of form and function in the settings. Besides, computer-assisted design courses are given during four semesters and the use of today’s technologies is provided to students through these courses. An interior architect should be informed about artistic, cultural and academic developments in order to be successful in his/her profession.

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