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Graphic Design

The visual language and developing technologies play an active role in today’s world and enhance the importance of graphic design. This case reveals the need for and employment of qualified graphic designer with a background of theory and practice and a mastery of methodology that will make them different and superior in field of production and press. The Department of Graphic Design in Nisantasi University has the intention of following the latest developments in fields of arts and design and update to have a leading and respectable position in the country and the world. During the four-year training program, we aim to train candidates as artists and designers who have an investigating, questioning and creative mind, who are equipped with qualities that will develop the aesthetic perceptions of the society, who are prominent in the shaping of the visual language, who can interpret the cultural values of the society in which they live with a modern approach, who are efficient in artistic issues to reach globally new syntheses on graphic design.

The graduates of the Department of Graphic Design become fully knowledgeable about the theories and practices of the fields of the discipline of graphic design, such as advertising, printed media, social media, printing house, web design, industrial design, and so on.

The courses given at the Department of Graphic Design in Nisantasi University consist of seeking for the methods to produce the right solution to the issue of design and practising it in an efficient and competent way. Therefore, the content of the courses contains the theories and practices of modern design, computer-assisted design, web design, interactive design, graphic and animation required for design applications; the artistic approach of the courses of pattern, illustration and original lithography courses helping them develop hand skills; analytical perspective of the courses of package design and typography.

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