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Gastronomy and Culinary Arts

The Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts is one of the departments mostly preferred by the students who want to work in the sector of food and beverage, one of the popular branches of tourism sector. Our professional and qualified academic staff who are experienced both in academia and the sector enables the graduates to be employed in national and international businesses of food and beverage. The graduates of the department can also become qualified academic staff of our country. We have defined our basic principles with a student-centered approach as follows: prioritizing the personal developments of our students; helping them produce academic information as well as improving their knowledge through sectoral practices. We aim to encourage our students to focus on team work so that they can learn to work in group situations with an analytical approach.

Our graduates are entitled to work for the kitchens of the hotels and for the food and beverage companies but they can also run their own businesses.

As a department which frequently updates its syllabus in coordination with the sector by searching for the needs of the national and international food sector, we train our students to be a successful manager and chef for the food and beverage sector. They receive education here not only in culinary arts but also in the fields of management, finance and accounting. With the theoretical information given during the education and with the practices in the best-equipped training kitchen and laboratory of Turkey, we train innovative and creative chefs with a mastery of international cuisines.

We offer our students a strong English language education at preparatory class and during the four-year education as well as a second and third language – Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Russian – through electives. That is why we train manager-chefs with strong  language and communication skills for the food and beverage sector and international culinary arts. Through the strategic collaboration with the universities, private sector institutions and other educational institutions abroad, we help our students gain experience on an international level through the internships they do. After their completion of the seven of the eight semesters at school, our students spend the eight semester totally in the sector in order to improve their experience as a chef before they graduate.

Click here for the eight-semester curriculum of the Department of Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts.
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